Electric Robin is an award-winning and purpose-driven production company that works across ideation, development, production, distribution and multi-platform content. Their ‘audience first’ ethos makes for content that always resonates with viewers and they consistently deliver high-quality, original ideas for major global brands and the UK’s biggest TV and online shows. Their innovative approach to storytelling, coupled with their expertise in crafting visually arresting films has contributed to cultural shifts in the way that content is viewed. They help high-profile brands bring their ideas to life.

The distinctive name Electric Robin and the fearless spirit of the company help inform its visual identity. The illustrative monogram ‘ER’ was inspired by its characteristic name and it was designed to significantly increase the mnemonic value of the brand. Liberal use of the electric blue colour proved to be the perfect match and it became a vivid and iconic element of the identity. The cropped monogram is integrated as a graphical element throughout the applications to produce bold and striking compositions. The identity reflects the energetic, playful and impactful personality of the brand.


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