There is a crisis of care in Britain, particularly for the ageing population who often experience loneliness due to a lack of affordable community services. In response to this challenge, The Good Company People is a charity that provides good company on everyone’s doorstep and serves as an antidote to loneliness in older adults. The focus is on fostering relationships that bring joy and companionship, helping them to lead independent and fulfilling lives for longer.

The visual identity positions the brand as a refreshing alternative to the institutionalised world of community care. It aims to inspire people from all walks of life to get involved. The logotype is created by modifying the friendly and refined serif typeface Grenette. Along with a joyful and natural colour palette, the identity is infused with integrity and conveys a distinctively contemporary and affable charm.

Harmony, warmth and togetherness exude from Jay Cover’s illustrations and remind us of the good times we have when we are in good company. The different activities of the characters suggest a sense of teamwork and achievement. Using the illustrations with heartwarming copy on applications introduces wit into the communications and leverages the brand in a delightful and engaging manner. The Good Company People strives to make a difference in the lives of those who feel isolated, encouraging them to embrace the idea of enjoying good times and positive experiences within a supportive community.


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